Aim of the Meeting

This meeting has a double purpose.

First, we intend to provide a conducive and relaxed environment for a selected group of hyperbolic and not-so-hyperbolic dynamicists to share recent results and new ideas.

Second -- and what is intended to be this meeting's special feature -- we are inviting a small number of leading scientists in certain applied fields to deliver introductory lectures to their disciplines.

The aim is to create a bridge between the theoretical world of hyperbolic dynamics and its current and future real-life applications.

Scientific Committee

Emanuele Caglioti (Sapienza Università di Roma) Dmitry Dolgopyat (University of Maryland) Carlangelo Liverani (Università di Roma Tor Vergata) Lai-Sang Young (New York University)

Organizing Committee

Marco Lenci chair (Università di Bologna) Stefano Galatolo (Università di Pisa) Mirko Degli Esposti (Università di Bologna)